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Evaluating Information: Social Media

How to evaluate information

How you can help transform the internet into a place of trust

Facebook (Meta)

Facebook, as one of the most influential platforms, faces significant issues that impact its users and society at large. From privacy breaches and data misuse to the proliferation of hate speech and misinformation. 

Facebook Spreads Fake News Faster Than Any Other Social Website, According To New Research (Forbes)

Facebook: Politicians who lie and break rules can still post (Politico)

Facebook has a plan to fight fake news. Here’s where we come in (Poynter)

Investigate the Source!

Make sure the site is credible- just because it's on the internet doesn't mean it's true.


See how easy it is to spread fake news in GetBadNews.  The objective of this choose-your-own-adventure game is to gain followers by spreading disinformation.