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APA Style Guide - 7th Edition: Additional Resources

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♦ No more running head on student papers

Sample student paper (annotated example)

♦ More flexibility in student title pages

Example title pages

♦ Student paper header levels changing

Example headers

♦ One space after each period

More style and grammar help

♦ Singular use of "they" permitted

More info on "they"

♦ In document, broader use of quotation marks rather than italics for visibility

Italics vs. quotation marks examples

♦ Most titles, including webpages are in italics, rather than quotation marks

More reference examples

♦ No place of publication for book references

Book reference changes

♦ No database name or URL for online database references

Database references

♦ Remove "Retrieved from" before any URL

Examples of references quick guide

♦ Three of more authors in-text citation

Examples of author type in-text citation styles 

Books and Ebooks on APA Style

Most notable changes - APA 7th Edition