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Library Tutorials for In-Seat Students: Tutorial Videos A-Z

How to use the library website, library resources, and conduct research.

Videos A-F

Advanced Catalog Searching

More searching options for finding books

Length:  2 minutes


APA Style Guide

Overview of ECPI University's APA Style Guide

Length:  2 minutes


Business & Technology Certifications

Introduction to certifications and study materials

Length:  3 minutes


Case Studies

What case studies are and how to find them in the databases

Length:  2 minutes


Correcting References

How to fix common problems with APA references provided by the databases

Length:  4 minutes


Database Folders

How to organize articles in some databases

Length:  3 minutes


Finding Citations

How to find the APA references for articles in some databases

Length:  2 minutes


Finding Specific Articles

How to locate one specific article by title or author in the databases

Length:  2 minutes

Videos I-O

Interlibrary Loan (ILL)

How to request books from other ECPI campus libraries

Length:  2 minutes


LibGuide Overview

What LibGuides are and how they're organized

Length:  2 minutes


Library Catalog

Where to find different types of information on the library website

Length:  2 minutes


Library Databases

What databases are and where to find them on the library website

Length:  3 minutes


Library Website Overview

Introduction to the library website and available resources

Length:  4 minutes


Navigating the Library Catalog

How to do a quick search and narrow your results

Length:  4 minutes


Off Campus Library Log-in

How to access the library resources from off campus

Length:  1 minute


Online Periodicals in the Library Databases

How to look for magazine, journal, or newspapers

Length:  2 minutes

Videos P-Z

Peer-Reviewed Journals

What peer-reviewed journals are and how to find them in the databases

Length: 2 minutes


Refining Your Database Search

How to narrow your results using limiters

Length:  3 minutes


Sharing Articles

How to get a usable link to share database articles

Length:  2 minutes


Starting Your Database Search

Getting started in the library databases

Length:  2 minutes


When to Cite Sources

You have to cite sources even if you're not using exact quotes

Length:  4 minutes


When to Use Reference Resources

What reference resources are and when to use them

Length:  2 minutes