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Certifications @ ECPI University

ECPI University recognizes the importance of professional certifications, and each Campus Library maintains a Certification Central Collection with study guides and review materials to help students, alumni, faculty and staff prepare for these exams. 

ECPI University Approved List of Certifications and ECPI University Certifications: Test Policy

A Pearson VUE® Authorized Test Center is available at some ECPI locations. Pearson VUE delivers certification exams through the world’s most comprehensive and secure network of test centers in 175 countries. Test center hours of operation vary by location.  A Test Center Administrator registers and proctors exams. Some industry certification exams are proctored on campus by authorized ECPI Instructors. Medical Careers Institute, the College of Health Science, licensure exams are delivered off-campus at Pearson Professional Test Centers and other licensure delivery test sites.


GetCertified Badge

GetCertified Digital Badge

Best 5 Cybersecurity Certifications for Beginners

Best 5 Cybersecurity Certifications for Beginners

Written & Submitted by: Dr. Keith Morneau, Dean of Computer & Information Science at ECPI University

How to Pass Certification Exams with Strategic Test Taking!

How to Pass Certification Exams with Strategic Test Taking!

This video course includes information on note-taking, memorization, studying, time management, and more.

Registering to Take a Certification Test

For select Business and IT certifications, students will prepare and register for exams through GetCertified, a certification study and voucher request platform that makes it easy for students and alumni to prepare for select IT certification exams. 


Visit GetCertifed for more information.

For exams that have not yet been incorporated into the GetCertified platform, contact your local department head, program director, or test center administrator to begin the registration process.

Test takers must complete an ‘ECPI Certification Exam Eligibility Form’ and submit it to an academic program administrator for their signature of approval prior to test registration.

Students and alumni must have successfully completed courses designated on the Approved Certifications List and be in good academic standing.

Test takers also sign an agreement form at the test center before testing to release the pass/fail score to the University.  

OnVUE: Pearson VUE’s Online Testing Platform

OnVUE Testing Experience from Marketing on Vimeo.


Since COVID-19, most IT and business industry certification testing is conducted at public Pearson VUE Test Centers or through Pearson VUE’s online testing platform OnVUE.  A few ECPI locations still provide on campus Pearson VUE Authorized test centers.

AWS and OnVUE  |  Cisco and OnVUE  |  CompTIA and OnVUE  |  Oracle and OnVUE   |  
Project Management Institute (PMI) and OnVUE  |  Python Institute and OnVUE  |  VMware and OnVUE 

Some industry certification exams are proctored in the classroom by authorized instructors. Health science and nursing licensure exams are delivered at authorized test centers approved by the exam sponsor.

Certification Voucher Quota and Pricing

Voucher Quota

  • 5 certifications per actively enrolled undergraduate student
  • 5 certifications per Alumni 
  • 2 certifications per Master’s Program student

Subsidized Voucher Rate*

  • Undergraduate student $15 
  • Alumni and Master’s Program student $20
  • Retake undergraduate student $30 (one time per test)
  • Retake Alumni and Master’s Program student $40 (one time per test)

Voucher rates are reviewed periodically and may be subject to change as the prices of
certifications change.

*Professional licensure exams taken by College of Health Science students involve an
application process with the appropriate professional organization. The University
subsidizes the expense of the certification, but vouchers are not used. Registration is
handled through the organization’s designated test sites.

Retake policy

The University subsidizes one retake voucher per failed exam. Vendor guidelines apply
to the time allowed between the first failed test and the retake. Vouchers are not
available for purchase from the test center after the first retake (2nd failed attempt).

ECPI University Certifications

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