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Certifications (Technology): Associate CET

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The Associate CET Study Guide


Exam Information:

The Electronics Modules program is based on ETA’s Associate level certification, and is divided into five modules. The purpose of this is to align with a growing portion of the electronics education industry that is charged with providing electronics training that does not include the total content of traditional basic electronics courses.

In some instances, technical institutions are asked to provide training in only certain areas of electronics. This is so companies that need only narrower skills and knowledge (than one expects of a complete Associate CET) can employ workers who have required knowledge and skills for only the technology and processes used at that company.

To provide a path for the technician leading to the Associate CET (CETa) credential, the five BASIC modules of the Associate CET can be acquired individually through the Electronics Modules (EM1-5) program. Once a technician attains all five module certifications, ETA will issue an official Associate CET certification (all five EM modules must be current). The technician may also choose to gain only those modules needed in order to be employable. The Electronics Modules are also a great retention tool.

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Available Modules:

  1. DC (EM1)
  2. AC (EM2)
  3. Analog (EM3)
  4. Digital (EM4)
  5. Comprehensive (EM5)

Voucher Information: 

  • Exam Vouchers: one
  • Voucher Fee to Students:  $15 (free retake, per ETA rules)
  • Voucher Fee to Alumni:  Not available, must pay full fee to ETA 
  • Number of Questions:  75
  • Test Length:  2 hours
  • Passing Score:  75%

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*ETA exams are proctored by a designated EET faculty member. Contact EET Department Head or CDAA for more information