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Certifications (Technology): A+ 220-1101 & 220-1102

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Pearson CompTIA Remote Testing

In addition to testing at a Pearson Test Center, CompTIA is offering online certification testing. Candidates can:

  • Test anywhere – especially from the security and privacy of their own home.
  • Test anytime – online testing can be conducted 24/7, schedule your exam whenever time permits, avoiding competing priorities or conflicts.
  • Test in a highly secure environment – remote proctoring ensures all candidates test under the same secure monitoring conditions as a test center.

Additional information about CompTIA Online Certification

Scheduling your CompTIA exam

  • Start at the CompTIA Sign In page.
  • Log in with your email address and password, or create a new account if you don't yet have one.
  • On your account home page, locate the Schedule Your Exam section and click the Schedule Now button.

Complete or verify all your information on the profile form and click the Save Updates button.

*Note that you still need complete the GetCertified process to receive your ECPI issued voucher. You will use the voucher as payment for your CompTIA online exam.


O'Reilly has many ebooks and videos to help you prepare for certifications.

To begin using O'Reilly, users will be prompted to create an account using their ECPI University email address.

O'Reilly login instructions

CompTIA A+ Multimedia (O'Reilly)

Ebooks (A+ 1101 Series)


Use GetCertified to prepare and sign up for certification exams!

 GetCertified is a certification study and voucher request platform that makes it easy for ECPI University students and alumni to prepare for certification exams.

Take video a tour!


Exam Information: 

Two separate tests are required to become A+ Certified:  A+ 220-1101 and A+ 220-1102

  • Exam Vouchers: Two total (one voucher for the 1101 and one voucher for the 1102)
  • Voucher Fees for Students: $15 per exam ($30 for a retake voucher)
  • Voucher Fees for Alumni: $20 per exam ($40 for a retake voucher)
  • Number of questions: Maximum of 90
  • Format: Performance-based and multiple choice
  • Test Length: 90 Minutes
  • Passing Score: 675 (220-1001), 700 (220-1002)

NOTICE: A+ 220-1001 & 220-1002 retired on October 20, 2022.

Online Resources from Darril Gibson

Online Tutorials from Professor Messer

Print books (A+ 1101 Series)