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Employers value third party endorsement of skills that enhance the value of your degree.  Recognizing the importance of professional certifications, ECPI University assists students and alumni with exam preparation, fees, and registration. Your success means success for all of the graduates, faculty and staff at ECPI University!
This guide will inform you of exam policies, procedures, and available resources.

Certification Policies

Certification Vouchers

ECPI University subsidizes the expense of all exams on the list of approved certifications, and may distribute subsidized vouchers for certain exams.  Vouchers for undergraduate students must be used before graduation.

Voucher Quota

  • 5 certifications per actively enrolled undergraduate student
  • 5 certifications per Alumni 
  • 2 certifications per Master’s Program student

Subsidized Voucher Rate*

  • Undergraduate student: $15 
  • Alumni and Master’s Program student: $20
  • Retake undergraduate student: $30 (one time per test)
  • Retake Alumni and Master’s Program student: $40 (one time per test)

Voucher rates are reviewed periodically and may be subject to change as the prices of certifications change.

* Professional licensure exams taken by students of the Colleges of Health Science and Nursing involve an application process with the appropriate professional organization. The University subsidizes the expense of the certification, but vouchers are not used. Registration is handled through the organization’s designated test sites.

Retake policy

The University subsidizes one retake voucher per failed exam. Vendor guidelines apply to the time allowed between the first failed test and the retake. Vouchers are not available for purchase from the test center after the first retake (2nd failed attempt).

More certification polices are available in the ECPI University Catalog.

Certification Process

Here is a brief overview of the certification exam preparation, approval, and registration process:

1.  Confirm the exam you want to take is on the approved list of certifications.  If you want to take an exam that isn't on the approved list, you will not be able to use an ECPI voucher.  

2.  Study for the exam using resources within this guide.  If you want to take an exam that isn't listed in this guide, please Ask a Librarian for assistance with study materials.  

3.  Look for your exam in GetCertified.  If your exam is included in that platform, then you must use GetCertified to finalize your exam prep. After registering for access, you will demonstrate your readiness to test by earning 85% or higher on each assessment contained within your GetCertified Canvas shell.

4.  Request your voucher.  If you completed the review materials in GetCertified, you will request the voucher through GetCertified.  If the exam you want to take is not in GetCertified, contact your program director or academic advisor for details on the voucher request process.

5.  Schedule your exam.  Once you receive your voucher, you can take your exam either on campus (if on-site testing is available); at a local testing center of your choosing; or online (if permitted by the exam sponsor).


GetCertified™ is a certification study and voucher request platform which ECPI University students and alumni can use to prepare for select business and IT certification exams.

Testers will use a GetCertified “course” to finalize their exam prep and demonstrate to ECPI University that they’re ready to test. After completing the required training, testers will also use GetCertified to request a voucher and making their exam payment. 

When reviewing specific exam information within this guide, GetCertified information will be included only when that exam is part of GetCertified.

Career Advancement Bookstore Award

Some exams on the ECPI University Approved List of Certifications are marked with a ribbon symbol:  

These exams are eligible for the Career Advancement Bookstore Award.  If you pass one of these exams as an active student, you may receive a gift card for $100 to the ECPI University Online Store to purchase university merchandise.  If you have an existing balance on your account, the $100 may be applied to your balance.

This award is only available to currently enrolled students- it does not apply to graduates or alumni.

ECPI University Certifications

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